FULL_DAY ISLANDWIDE (not availiable for exceptionally remote or highly secured areas) AT ONLY $6 ( Call need be made before 11am)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Articles/ items using motor bike service exceeding 1 kg in weight or A 4 paper's size will be charged an additional $1.00 per kg and $5.00 for oversize
  2. A surcharge of $4.00 will be levied for any waiting time exceeding 15 minutes or part thereof during despatch order
  3. Despatch after 4 pm ( Mon-Fri ) and 11 am ( Sat & Eve of Public Holiday ) will be charge at the various urgent rates.
  4. For 1 Day delivery, cut off booking time is before 2pm in town and 11 am for other areas and Roadmaster Courier reserved the rights to pickup any time and deliver before 6pm
  5. Booking after 11.00am and when timing class is not specified will be treated as half day (same day completion) or urgent (4hrs) serivice. Same day service bookings received after 11.00am outside town will be delivered next working day before 5.00pm
  6. For pickup/delivery with specific timing and to follow special instruction, minimum Urgent service and above ( 2-3hrs ) rates apply
  7. Delivery to army camps, university, hospital and to places need to exchage for security passes- add $5.00
  8. Our maximum liability is SDG$50.00 per consignment
  9. Rates are subject to change without prior notice