Ordering FAQ

Just call 6-294-1211 and place your order. You can pay by cash or you can apply for Convenient Bill Me 14 Days Later Facility if you are under a company.

This depends on what time you need to arrive. You have to choose the correct class. Ask yourself: is it a tender? Is the place a bank? What is the maximum timing you can allow. Then decide the appropriate class of service that will handle the job nicely. Give full information about yourself. Be specific about the type of service required and the maximum time of arrival required.

1) Your Name
2) Your Company Name
3) Simple address like Ocean Bldg #10-45 and your direct telephone number to call you back
4) Go to where : e.g Ang Mo Kio or Loyang
Only simple street name is enough.
and lastly, the type of service required; when the latest the package must arrive; and if it is time-sensitive item like banking and tender : it must be specified at time of call.

Answer is from the moment you call provided it is ready at that time. Otherwise, countdown starts from the moment of readiness.

Within half-time of the maximum time for an order completion. Let take the example of an Double Urgent order which was ordered at 10am and hasn't been picked by 12 noon. If a package hasn't been picked by then, it could have been a miscommunication. You should check.

Yes, definitely. Remember, with us, you come first and our model of making sure our clients understand everything at stages is what they like about us. You have comprehensive support and we are a phone call away and are always available.

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