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NORMAL Service
Only $6 CBD to CBD. $7 (Orchard) $7, $9, $10 island-wide. Send or Collect from anywhere in just 7-9 hours. Call up before 2.00PM and you can use this low-cost but adequately FAST tool to get your job done!

5-6 Hours URGENT
$8 CBD to CBD $10 to $13 Outside City / Far Off Area gives you the speed you need for the urgent cases

4-5 Hours for when you really have to go FAST - Suitable for banking, trade submissions, tenders etc!

(2 hour for CBD to CBD / 3-4 hours for outskirt) for those times when nothing else will do. Roadmaster is renown for its "When Nobody Else Can, We Can" Express Services which nobody else really can do!

Note: Motorcycle Parcel
Items exceeding 500gram or half a rim of A4 (250 pages) are classified as motorcycle parcel class. Under this class, each extra kg or rim in size is chargeable at $5. Any item exceeding 3kg or 3 rim in dimension requires the use of our van class. The One Day / Next Day class cannot be used to carry motorcycle parcel in any circumstance.

Trade Submission | Banking | Immigration Documentation
With Roadmaster, you have an expert who can do these nightmarish stuff. You will not want to send your staff to do immigration work. Imagine paying him wasting his salary on these stuff that can cost you dearly. Why waste two days payroll for your own clerk to queue for passport submission?

Van Services
Efficient, reliable van services. Amazing low cost. Town van services starts from only $30-$40. Outskirt van starts from $40 only. The basic pricing is for first box. Each subsequent box is chargeable at $10 to $15 for the same address. Pricing is based on the A4 (5 rims ) box size. Pricing of boxes of larger dimension is proportional to the basic dimension.

Note: Weather Conditions
Courier services timing are subject to weather conditions. Please allow excess time in event of poor and extreme weather of Singapore. Fridays and eves of holidays are rush hours. Slight delays may occur on such days.

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