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How to get the Fastest Courier Services to serve you at a fraction of your delivery budget?

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Roadmaster Courier- Leading Singapore Courier Services Provider is your answer for express, urgent courier and same day document and parcel delivery in double quick time at half the usual cost but at an amazing high standard.

With our huge fleet on the road, Roadmaster is renown for its Urgent, Super Urgent, Double Super Urgent courier delivery. Get Step by Steps answers to our services. These pages are made in an easy and descriptive manner.

We have been setting the standard for express courier services in Singapore for the last 15 years. For fast courier delivery, Roadmaster is the safest answer. For quality and reliability, Roadmaster is the known brand of Singapore courier services you can trust.

We have answers to your every budget and speed requirements. From the Same Day/Full Day and Half Day classes all the way to the high speed express courier classes of Urgent, Super Urgent and Double Urgent. And if you need the impossible to be done, there is the Immediate Mission Impossible Class to get it there in under 90 minutes.


Got a document to send out in 4 to 8 hours or less? There is simply no one else!

8 Reasons why you need to open an account with Roadmaster Today!

  • Fast Service
  • Proven Reliability
  • Low Cost - Town to Town is only$5 Courier Rate.
  • With our Town to Town Half Day, you can call all the way till 3pm and still only pay $5.
  • Our Full Day Service is only $5 for town to town delivery.
  • And only $8 to $15 for island-wide despatching.
  • Full Day town to town allows you to call up to 2pm and you still only pay $4.
  • Island-wide Full Day gives you ample time to prepare by setting the cut-off time at 11am.

Plus 2 more reasons why Roadmaster's services is indispensable to you:


5000 users can't be wrong! Join the smart users and enjoy the trusted standard in Courier Delivery

Only with Roadmaster's Double Super Urgent and Immediate Service Class, you can get true express courier services that is synonymous with Roadmaster. There are always time when Same Day and the Normal Half Day just won't do. With tender and trade submission, timing is crucial. At times, you are suddenly given a package that has to go in under 2 hours or less. Who do you call. Roadmaster is the proven express company. With 5000 users, you have a trusted expert with the record to show. Roadmaster comfortably get the job done for you.

red-arrow-05_R Open An Account Today for a Hassle-Free Lifestyle.

Go for Real Power with Roadmaster today. Check out our Services Guide. Get Answers from our Question & Answer pages. Check here for bike rate or van delivery rate.

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